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More Physical Security: From Locks to Dox

Since my first presentation of Physical Security: From Locks to Dox just over a year ago, it has made a lot of changes (hopefully for the better). After the original talk at B-Sides Orlando 2014, I was also fortunate enough to give this presentation again at several other events including DerbyCon 4.0, and just recently at Hack@UCF.

Presentation video from DerbyCon 4.0

Download the Slides

As always, I want to thank the people who helped in any way (equipment, motivation, etc) and the folks who let me speak at their location. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or contact me.


Physical Security: From Locks to Dox

This past weekend at B-Sides Orlando, I gave my Physical Security Penetration Testing talk, Physical Security: From Locks to Dox. This talk is an introduction to Physical Security Penetration Testing, touching on the pen-testing methodology, and mostly focused on attacks that can be executed against locking mechanisms.

Download the slides here: Physical Security: From Locks to Dox.
View the recording here: Jess Hires - Physical Security: From Locks to Dox.

Huge thanks to everyone who gave me feedback, and additional feedback is welcomed.

Questions or comments? Write them in the comments below, or send me a message!


Using Exif to Sort Photos

I was recently trying to come up with the best way to sort my photos, which typically get dumped on a hard-drive in a nondescript folder like "Photos" or "Pictures". What I came up with is actually pretty simple, and uses the Exif data of the image to determine when it was taken.

Exif is a standard for tagging media, which can store useful information such as the date created, the camera model, ISO mode, shutter speed and aperture, geo-location, etc.. While primarily used for image files, Exif data can also exist in audio files.

I'm using "extra/perl-image-exiftool" from the Arch repositories to accomplish this, and this package should be available on most distributions.


B-Sides JAX

Later this year, Jacksonville will have its first Security B-Sides conference, B-Sides JAX. Our tentative date is November 15, 2014, we're planning on just a 1-day conference, and we have a ton of work to do before then. If you'd like to help with the conference, please contact me.


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Presentation: Hardening a VPS

For those who saw my JaxLUG presentation yesterday, here are the slides. This presentation was based on the guide I published today, also called Hardening a VPS.

Download the slides here: Hardening a VPS